About DNMin

Most people owned over one domain name. From time to time, you may forget where you registered your domain name, when is the expiry date, DNS server, etc. You may use an Excel spreadsheet to store all your records, but you need to keep updating the data manually.

DNMin helps you keep track of your domain name records. By adding your domain name to DNMin it will retrieve and update domain information automatically. It also monitors your domain name for changes and notifies you immediately.

What DNMin Stands For?

I was considering something short and eventually comes out with this name. DNMin stands for Domain Name AdMinistrator.

How Does It Work?

There is no secret recipe, it just some simple concepts. DNMin consistently queries your domain data from registrar Whois database. If DNMin detects any changes in the record, it alerts you.

What TLDs Are Supported?

Currently DNMin supports more than 1,000 TLDs. But the figures are changing from time to time. Please refer the latest list.

Why Free?

As a Web developer with (a lot) passions in web development, I prefer to share wonderful service for free. This website is running over 8 years with thousand of users. But unfortunately, it's not profitable. I still need to dig into my pocket to pay the hosting fees every month.

I don't mind paying the bill by myself, but hopefully DNMin will able to finance itself from advertisements and donations in future.

Who Are You?

There is no team or organization behind DNMin. A web developer from Penang, Malaysia developed DNMin from scratch.

Suggestion? Feedbacks?

I welcome you to send a message for any support requests, improvement of ideas, thoughts, etc.