About DNMin

Most people owned more than one domain name. Sometimes, domain name is registered with your web hosting provider, or you bought it from a ICANN accredited registrar.

From time to time, you may forget where you registered your domain name, when is the expiry date, DNS server, etc. You can use a spread sheet to record your domain names but you need to keep updating the data.

DNMin helps you keep track all these changes of your domain name. Just add your domain name to DNMin and it will retrieves and updates domain data automatically. It also monitors your domain name for changes, and notifies you immediately.


What DNMin Stands For?

DNMin stands for Domain Name AdMin.


How It Works?

DNMin queries your domain data from registrar's Whois database. These data will be queried again on hourly or daily basis for changes. Once changes are detected, it will alerts you.


Why Free?

It's difficult to keep a service free. As a Web developer with (a lot) passions in web development, I prefer to share good service for free. I don't mind to pay the bill by myself, but hopefully DNMin will able to finance itself from advertisements, donations, and sponsors in near future.


Feedback? Suggestions? Improvement Ideas?

You are welcomed to contact us for any support requests, improvement ideas, thoughts, etc.