Are you still keeping your domain name records in spreadsheets, word processor documents or even note pads? Domain information such as ip address, registrar, DNS records, expiry date is changing from time to time, and you will never catch up these changes.

DNMin can automatically retrieve all relevant domain related data (like registrar, server IP address, expiry, created and last updated dates, name servers, Alexa ranking, Page Rank), and notifies instantly.

DNMin is the essential tool for people who regularly buy and sell domains, or maintain multiple websites. DNMin domain management service included:

  • Free for life.
  • Supports Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).
  • Easy access from everywhere with web browser.
  • Add up to 100 domain name.
  • Keep all domain information in one central location.
  • Automatically retrieve domain information such as registrar, domain status, server IP address, server location, name servers, expiry, created, and updated dates.
  • Keep track Alexa ranking and Google Page Rank.
  • Alerts changes in domain information.
  • Get notified by email, Twitter, or push notications to iPhone/iPad.
  • Reminder when domain name is going to expire.
  • Export domain collection into CSV, text file, and PDF. (Coming soon)

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