A free domain monitor and management tool

DNMin Dashboard Keep your domain details up to date, and get changes notification.



Adds up to 50 domain names under single account. Manage them from any desktop or mobile devices.

IDN Supported

Supports Internationalized Domain Names (IDN). Add in Punycode or Unicode domain instantly without conversion.

Multi TLDs

Supports more than 1000 of Top-Level-Domains around the world. We can resolve all of your domain names.

Domain Expiry

Monitors domain expiry date. Get notified when it is about to expire so you can focus on your works.

Alexa Ranking

Give you Alexa ranking of the domain. Useful for SEO researches and competitor comparisons.


Lets you assign custom tags to your domain names. Easier to management and navigation.

Server Changes

Monitors domain Name Server changes. Get alerted for unexpected changes of your properties.

Server IP

Gets server IP address and geolocation information. Better way to understand a business background.